You Got This!

Have ave you ever felt like you’re filipendulous? Then miraculously a few gaudiloguent words or thoughts come along, and just like that your day gets better. That is, so long as you don’t suffer from hippopotomonstroesquipedaliophobia. Don’t stress. You got this! I’m going to break it all down into bite size pieces  and we’ll be … Continue reading You Got This!

There Shall Be No Vaniloquence Spoken Here

Well maybe in the form of foolishness on occasion. The sweat sweat peas I have growing from  have a little umbraculiform to them, depending on the angle from whence you are viewing. Just turn them widdershins to see what I mean. They also have the most amazing fragrance! There you have the three definitions for today. … Continue reading There Shall Be No Vaniloquence Spoken Here