Just Write


This little post is more of a recommendation than anything.

Over the last couple of months I have enjoyed taking some writing/journaling classes, from Kim Klassen. It began with, Write|Now, which led to Write|Your Hearts Desire, and the next one starting Monday, November 26th is, Write|Twenty-One.  I will provide a link below, so you can check it out.

I’m kind of a wordy person, which you may have already gathered from the many aspects of my lettering and art. I love quotes, I make lists, I set goals. I journal about our cabin, about trips, and about family. I take notes in church or in classes. I like to write. It helps me remember, and it somehow allows me to pay better attention.

What I found while taking the classes, is how Kim has you write about the thoughts you are having about circumstances, and create new thought patterns to better suit them. To some this may not be anything new, but I’ve found it so helpful to actually write about so many things and the clarity it has brought by doing that.

It’s a little like an addiction I’m beginning to think, that leaves you wanting more. Kim is ever, so encouraging, very real (sharing her stories of over coming) and optimistic. She guides you every step of the way to create a daily habit of writing. This writing practice brings so many insights into what, and how you think. She brings a reality of what those thoughts in turn do, as we process them in our brains. It just becomes so much clearer as you put pen to paper. She’s truly an inspiring and aspiring lady. So much goodness in all she does.

In closing, I’m going to paraphrase some things she said …

We think it’s the ‘thing,’ that’s going to make us happy, but it’s the thoughts and feelings we have about it. If we can shift our thoughts, we can feel good right where we are in spite of the circumstances we may find ourselves in at any given time.

If you have a desire/dream, and you align with it ahead of time, then the magic and blessings pour into your heart.

Do you journal? If not, you should give it some thought. The power of the written word is…well, powerful.


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