Grade Me Accordingly

It’s time to grade me on my adoxography. By that, I do not mean on my grammar and writing skills alone, because I’d fail. That would hurt. Instead please take a look at the over all project involved.

At times, it felt may have felt a bit brobdingnagian.


It all began with my taking on the task of creating an alphabet sampler of different hand drawn letters. You can be find that on my Instagram account @diamondandwillow  It took longer as most things do, then first anticipated.

From there I thought I’d find some words to practice up on my brush lettering, that corresponded with each alphabet letter as I shared them on Instagram.

It took some researching to not only find long words, but words that might peek your interest.

Next came drafting these somewhat long words with pencil and then brush lettering them with marker.

Photo staging and editing, posting some bits to IG to draw a ‘double tapper’ here. If, that is even possible (because a very high percentage, do not read what has been written). I tend to be a reader and hope there are a few of us still out there.

Lastly, I would pop on over here and try to conjure up a witty sentence or two, using my new found knowledge.

Now I’m assuming because you’ve made it this far, you are indeed a reader…or you wouldn’t be this far.

So in closing, if you care to play teacher and want to grade me with an A,B,C,D or E, on my abc’s you can do so by leaving a comment.



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