Do You Suffer From Any of These?

On occasion I have been eellogofusciouhipoppokunurios at dontopedalogy.

Sometimes it’s better to say nothing, than to be caught in such an act as this.

Another thing about me is I am cryptodynamic. These hidden powers come to me from specially brewed liquid. Water poured over freshly ground beans that produce an aromatic liquid, which I must continually consume to maintain the appropriate level of power. Otherwise, I return to, a second-rate human being and that’s not pretty. Do you have any hidden powers and how are they made manifest? Or is that a secret?


Products used:

Tracing paper from Kelly Creates

Markers  Pigma Sensei

Tombow Dual Tip Calligraphy Marker

Prismacolor Premier Fine Liner 01

and the large brush pen I do not have an English name for.

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