Wooden Cake Toppers

These cake toppers started out as original hand lettered pieces which I designed.

From that design, they were then laser cut from wood to create unique, easy and reusable pieces perfect for so many occasions worth celebrating.

Not only are they great for cakes, you can add them to floral arrangements and even use them as a decorative piece afterwards just hangin’ around.

A little trick for you…when placing into a bouquet, I insert the tip into a flexible straw and voila, I can adjust it as needed for placement.


While these are a natural wood colour when purchased, you could easily paint them to match any colour theme you might have going on. The skies the limit.

Here’s another size visual for you as well.

So remember… they’re not just for cakes…PLUS, they can be used, again and again.

The price per topper is $15.00 and $2.00 Shipping and Handling

Happy Everything Cake Topper

For the purchase of one Happy Everything Cake Topper


Eat Dessert 1st

This is for the purchase of one Eat Dessert 1st Cake Topper


Let’s Celebrate Cake Topper

This is for the purchase of one Let’s Celebrate Cake Topper


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