Lettering Template Guide

Not sure where to begin…I’ve created this acrylic template guide to assist you in designing hand lettered pieces.

Fits nicely into a binder for easy filing.

Not only are you going to receive this template, but I will include an email link to a full printable handout, complete with design examples and my step by step practice.

You’ll find tips and suggestions on how to build a solid layout of hand lettered quotes.

There are steps included all along the way from rough drafts, to adding flourishes to the finished piece.

It’s like buying a mini class all in one purchase.

From there it’s up to you to practice, practice, practice and I believe you’ve got what it takes to create amazing pieces all your own.

Make mistakes.

Lettering Template Guide

Acrylic Lettering Template and Handout


So that’s $20 plus $2 shipping and handling
Once purchase is complete the handout will be sent via email provided by purchaser.

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