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31 Day Food Illustration Challenge

I followed along with ‘They Draw and Cook’ who compiled a list of prompts for the month of October, to which I participated.

I enjoy the idea of challenges because the prompts are all there for you, no prep needed. Don’t get me wrong however, there are still ‘challenges’ to overcome, like what your interpretation of the subject mentioned will be….and time. I always have good intentions when I start out on one of these.

I began by taping a grid using 1/4” painters tape onto a sheet of 11 x 17” Canson Watercolour paper.

Note * I personally don’t care for using this tape, as no matter how careful I am removing it, I always have some small tears. I’m still searching for a better product.

What was suppose to be an illustration a day, turned into stolen moments, or hours at time to catch up.
Not how I had intended this to play out, but not one to give up easily…I actually ended up finishing a day ahead.

These are the products I used in this months challenge piece.

That does not include however the compiling of my process which I had videoed.

So I took the 7 hours of videos I had managed to capture, condescend them twice to shorten, took photos of each illustration, which then needed to be edited, added into the video and compiled a less than perfect rendition of the process for your viewing pleasure.
At least that is my intention.

What follows is a two part video with the bulk of my process, less a few recording mishaps, but you’ll get the idea.

Part One

Part Two

If you make it to the end of both videos, you deserve praise…so let me know you did in the comments below 😊

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