Flatlay Styling Photography Workshop

Presented by Bonnie Peters

Let’s spend some time together, learning how to create stunningly styled photographs.

Mostly in the form of ‘top down’ or ‘birds eye view’ layouts, otherwise know as ‘flatlays.’

In this interactive worksop, participants will walk away better informed on styling amazing flatlays and how to create engaging images that tell a visual story. 

Making them perfect for Social Media, your business or your hobby. 

You will leave the workshop with tons of ideas, practical tips, plus photo editing tips and suggestions to enhance your photos. 

I do tend to refer largely to Instagram, as this is my platform of choice for my own work.

You will not only learn from me, but from each other as we delve into the practical aspects in the classroom.

The worksop is approximately 3.5 hours long, includes lots of hands on styling and photographing. 

I have designed this class specifically for cell phone camera use. 

While you are welcome to use your DSLR to take photos, I will not be offering any related help in the use of, or editing procedures. 

I also encourage you to have fun and include children in your photography. 

However, that being said, this class is not the place for them 🙂

Things to do before class:

Please download the following apps for easy referencing as I share editing tips and suggestions: Snapseed, Unfold and Template

What to bring: 

Your passion and enthusiasm.

Any products or items you would like help styling.

Any props you normally might use already.

An inquiring mind and an questions you might have.

Please wear comfortable clothing as we may be kneeling and standing on chairs.

This may be more of a workout than you anticipated 🙂 

I do promise to give you a drink and snack break.

I’m so excited for this class and look forward to meeting you in person.

I offer in home, personal or group classes and am willing to travel, dependant on participant numbers.

Please contact me for possible availability or with any questions you may have by email @ bpeters67@live.ca

I am flexible with dates and times, so please don’t hesitate to inquire.

Class prices range from $95-$120 plus applicable taxes and dependent on location and number of participants.

During this time of Covid restrictions, it is still possible to meet the requirements and hold this type of class. All health measures will be met.

What participants have to say about the workshops:


”She taught us some flatlay tricks and this woman is a genius, ever so talented.”

“So worthwhile.”

“Bonnie is passionate about creating art and sharing her knowledge. I left the class feeling so inspired. I cant wait to learn more from her.”

“It was so good!”

“Loved everything about it.”

“She’s no joke peeps!”

“Best teacher.”

“Got me thinking about how to incorporate it into my work more.”


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