Where To Start?


Where to start?

In this case it’s going to be backwards, from Z to A.

Let me explain a few things.

I have been known to procrastinate and this site, is one of those instances.

I had my daughter Jessica, aka  @Jemstory, set up this new space you are entering into here.

She did a lovely job and on time, and now I need to begin my end of things.

I didn’t know exactly where to begin, thus the reason you haven’t been told about it. As this seems to be a good a place as any…here it goes.

Welcome, and I hope you enjoy your time here. If not, I guess we won’t be speaking after this.

I hope you can read humour and sarcasm inserted throughout, because that’s kinda how I roll. If you’d like me to insert emojis so you aren’t wondering what’s on a serious note, I can do that. Comment below.


I have a few reasons why I created this series of type illustrations. One, I challenged myself to do it because I seem to work better under pressure. I create a deadline, imagined though it may be, and I get to work on it pronto. I may even stress over getting it completed, even though no one else has any idea about it.

Two, I often advise my students in my brush lettering classes  to start an alphabet book of letters they come across that they like and may want to simulate. I just took it a step further and created other styles along with some  faux calligraphy.

Lastly, it’s great practice and makes a super reference when you are stuck for inspiration, when lettering a piece of your own.

So along with posting my sampler on Instagram, I thought I’d add in an interesting word for each letter of the alphabet. Again, I had multiple reasons why. It makes me practice my lettering, I learn new words that I will probably never use, I get to share both of those things with you, and it gets me writing on here.

I did the word zenzizenzizenzic, in three styles to see which one I liked. I’m actually not sure which I prefer, but I did like the definition up, and to the right as a number power would be associated in math. That’s an example of how I tend to overthink things. Which do you like?


I’d love to know who has taken the time to find me and is reading along. If there is something you might like to see or are wondering about let me know below.

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