Learn a little about me…

I like art a lot and in many forms of the word
I also like coffee…a lot
I also like carbs…a lot
I can make all three of those things in abundance
I am the youngest of four girls, but getting older every year
Born and raised in Northwestern, Ontario
I was a tomboy growing up and I enjoyed hunting, fishing and the outdoors
Big game under my belt are whitetail deer, moose and a cabin bear I didn’t like hanging around
I don’t hunt as much anymore but I do love our cabin in the woods and all the nature stuff that goes with it
I had a plan to move away to the big city when I was done school, take a hairdressing course and make it on my own
It never happened
I met a guy, we went ice fishing on our first date and we were married 16 months later
He’s a keeper
I homeschooled our three children (they are socially awkward, never left home and are unemployed 😉 )
I am sometimes known to be sarcastic
I have seven marvellous grandchildren (marvellous because they are mine)
I like the colours green and blue, so combined that makes teal, plus all the variants of them
I have a hard time using red in my art
My face usually tells you what I am thinking before I have a chance to tell you
I take a lot of photos and am always running out of storage on my phone
I used to be an avid scrap booker, now I rarely develop a photo
I’m more introvert than extrovert, but I do like you so please stick around
I love the Lord with all my heart and cannot imagine my life without him
In my real life voice, with a sweet smile on my face, I would like to say , “Thank you for stopping by and I hope you find something of interest on these little pages of mine.”

P.S. The meaning behind the name, Diamond and Willow

I wanted something that had significance for multiple reasons. I have a few pieces of Diamond Willow that belonged to my parents and now reside with me. If you aren’t familiar with this wood, it doesn’t look like much until you peel away the layers of bark. What lies beneath is something of considerable beauty. Such is also with a diamond, it’s hewn from a rock to reveal a stone of great value. I liked the similarity of both, so I combined the two. The last part of the meaning goes like this…I am nothing to look at on the outside, but beneath the layers, shaped by Gods grace, lies me, and He thinks I’m beautiful and priceless.

Above portrait photography by https://www.lifephotographybytalitharinas.com/

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