Learn a little about me…

I was born and raised into a family of four girls in Northwestern Ontario. Four years after marrying, my husband and I moved to MacDowall, Saskatchewan, along with our young son and daughter. Here we added in one more daughter to complete our then family. We still live in the same home and our family has now grown to fifteen, with spouses and grandchildren, whom all live nearby. A true blessing.

I have always loved being creative, and it comes as no surprise my favourite subject in school was art. I consider myself to be an introverted/extrovert, and while I crave the solitude of my home studio, a place of quiet to let my mind rest with all of my ideas, I also love being able to share my ideas with others through my art and teaching. 

My deep interest in photography serves me with an abundance of reference material as a starting point from where I can build on my ideas. I am greatly nature inspired, my subject matter is vast, and imaginations even more so. 

While mostly self taught, I’ve recently joined an online mentoring program where I’m continually learning and stretching my creativity in a supportive community. Currently, I’m building my skillset in acrylics, but I still a love for watercolour and ink illustrations. I like the colours green and blue, so combined that makes teal, plus all the variants in between. 

No matter the idea behind the art, the basis for creating stays intact. Art offers me a calm refuge, a place to lose track of time and to find beauty in the small or seemingly mundane. It’s a time to pause and reflect and gain inspiration from all of God’s creation.

I like to consider the definition of ‘A State of Bliss”

When you experience one or more of the following:

You have numerous experiences of synchronicity

You feel as if you’re contributing to the greater good

You feel energetic

You feel exceptionally creative

You feel alive

You feel playful or joyful

While my art is much about me, my wish is that my art will convey a sense of remembrance to a place, a time or a subject matter for the viewer.

One that, in turn would evoke a “State of Bliss,’ by whomever looked upon it. 

Photography credits – Talitha Rinas Photography https://instagram.com/talitharinasphotography?utm_medium=copy_link

You can purchase my work here, on my website For Sale and on Instagram https://www.instagram.

I like collaborating with other artists in various mediums, so feel free to reach out to me if you have an idea. 

Have a custom piece you’d like me to create…make me an offer I can’t refuse 🙂

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